Senior Infrastructure Architect Joel Bastos shares his experience with Prometheus in the context of infrastructure monitoring. Along with Pedro Araujo, Joel is the co-author of Hands-On Infrastructure Monitoring with Prometheus.


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Imagine a world where work is meaningful to everyone! That’s the purpose of Lemon Works and in this episode, Luís Simões shares his background and experiences that led him to become one of the founders and his vision of how Lemon Works can help traditional organisations become more human-centric. 



Long time friend and principal engineer Tiago Reis takes us through his journey from Java to Go highlighting the main differences in the languages and the software development patterns.


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In five years, Infraspeak went from startup incubation to becoming one of the world leaders in infrastructure and facilities management systems. In this episode, Felipe shares his personal experiences developing and growing the company through this amazing journey.

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In this episode, Pawel Grzybek shares his thoughts about the current state of web development. From current Javascript and CSS frameworks to cross-browser compatibility support and web assembly. 

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Dashdash is a genuine success story in Portugal’s (and Porto’s) tech ecosystem. Humberto, founder and CEO, shares his background story, all the way from working with computer vision and self-driving cars in California to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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João Teixeira Duarte shares his experiences coming into Product Management from a psychology background. Reflecting on the value of empathic relationships as a means to increase product and process quality.

Verónica Carrasco takes us through her journey from being a Computer Science lecturer in Ecuador to moving to the UK and joining the industry to become a full stack developer.

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Pedro Vicente takes us down memory lane from the early days of Android app development all the way up to 2020 and the modern application development strategies and frameworks.

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At Mindera people can exercise autonomy, think for themselves, make decisions and drive things forward.
In this episode, Sofia Reis shares her thoughts and insights about the Mindera culture and self-organisation model.

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